Give your kids and friends a gift and refer them to Jiu Jitsu

At Gracie Sports we start our kids classes at 3 years old. If you have any children in your family or circle of friends, give them a gift, and refer them to Jiu Jitsu!

The practice of martial arts is very important for our physical preservation, especially for children, because they are still innocent, weak and defenseless.

Increased self confidence, self esteem, muscle strength, balance, motor coordination, concentration, respect for teammates, sense of discipline and hierarchy, understanding of winning and losing, are fundamental achievements for body, mind and character formation.

When you are choosing your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School, doing a research is very important and highly recommended. Know where your professors/instructors/team comes from and their certification levels.

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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglas

Deborah Gracie