Neiman Gracie Wins Bellator 180 at MSG!

Neiman Gracie wins at Bellator 180 as his father, Marcio Stambowsky celebrates!

Video above captured by Michael Weinstein.

"Guys wanted to thank the affection and support that everyone gave me. It was a wonderful night! Thank you for all the messages, thank you to everyone who went or watched from home. Thank God I got the win! I know I have a lot to get better and I'm gonna keep working hard for it
👊🏼🙏🏼 Thanks everybody that came to support me or that send good energy from home. You guys are amazing! Thanks everybody from @renzogracieacademy from @graciesportsbjj all my team mates that help with my training thanks everyone from @edge_hoboken @the_wrestling_coach @kodyhamrah. Thanks to my coaches @renzograciebjj @jonnyconcrete73 @gregorgracie @twojabsandaright @marciostambowsky @danaherjohn. I know I have to improve more and I will work hard to improve my game oss #graciejiujitsu" - Neiman Gracie

Master Marcio Stambowsky Receives His Red & White 8th degree Coral Belt

Master Marcio Stambowsky receives his Red & White Coral Belt from Master Reyson Gracie & Master Renzo Gracie on June 12th, 2017 at Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City. What a wonderful surprise!

"Today after the big Monday afternoon class at RGA, my beloved sensei, Renzo Gracie called the class in for a special moment - he awarded the coveted red and white belt to Marcio Stambowsky, a man who has lived and breathed jiu jitsu his whole life among the greatest men of the sport. He is one of only four men to receive his black belt from legendary Rolls Gracie. Even now he is a formidable presence on the mat with a beautiful game that represents many of the techniques and philosophy of his esteemed master and the other great masters of that era. His son, Neiman Gracie, teaches at RGA and fights in Bellator MMA league - father and son representing the classic and Neo schools of jiu jitsu. Joining us was Reyson Gracie, uncle of Renzo and Ruran, son of Renzo. What an incredible mix of youth and experience from the first family of jiu jitsu! Listening to the conversation and stories I learned about our sport than I did from most formal instruction! What a fine example from Mr. Stambowsky for everyone today about how constant maintenance of our skills can make jiu jitsu effective over a lifetime and a formative influence on a new generation." - Coach John Danaher

"After 31 years in the Black belt. After 7 years Coral belt. I am earning a red and white belt that means 8th-degree black belt. I am starting a new phase in my life, thank you God for giving me that opportunity." - Master Marcio Stambowsky

Huge congrats to our Master Marcio Stambowsky on receiving his Red & White Coral Belt! It is such an honor to train with you and we are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments.

Bellator 163

Dreams are won with great effort and dedication.

For this to happen you need to leave your comfort zone and fight for what you want even if it costs you several privations .

You have to keep a strong mind.

Congratulations my son you're doing very well in the pursuit of your dreams

I am your number 1 fan.

We are all here in this photo celebrating and happy with your win.

Thanks to God and and a special thanks to Renzo Gracie, Igor Gracie Jamie Crowder and the entire Gracie family and the whole team Renzo Gracie twist for your victory.

Sonhos são ganhos com grande esforço e dedicação.

Para que isso aconteça você precisa sair de sua zona de conforto e lutar por aquilo que você quer mesmo que isso lhe custe várias privações.

Você tem que manter uma mente forte.

Parabéns meu filho que você está fazendo muito bem na perseguição de seus sonhos sou o seu fã do número 1.

Estamos todos aqui nesta foto comemorando e felizes com sua vitória.

Agradecimentos a Deus  e um agradecimento especial para Renzo Gracie, Igor Gracie Jamie Crowder e toda a família Gracie e todo o time Renzo Gracie e também a todos que torceram pela sua vitória .

Neiman Gracie champ👏👏👏👏 

Neiman Gracie champ👏👏👏👏