Here’s a list of benefits your child will receive by joining our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program:

  1. Confidence
  2. Self esteem
  3. Peer pressure avoidance skills (Your children will have the courage to say “No” to drugs and other dangerous activities.)
  4. Motor skills (Your child will have improved coordination and agility.)
  5. Self defense skills (Your child will learn how to handle bullies.)
  6. Life skills they can continue to use as they get older
  7. Discipline (Being able to do the right thing)
  8. Personal development (Your child will be developing and improving each and every class.)
  9. Academic success (Your children will actually want to work hard to improve their grades.)
  10. A healthy lifestyle (Your child will learn how to get fit and stay strong and active.)
  11. Tons of fun (Your child will have a lot of fun while learning important mental and physical skills.)
  12. A positive learning experience (Your child will learn how to embrace positive things while avoiding negative things.)
  13. Better manners (Things as simple as saying “Yes sir” and “Yes Ma’am” to saying “Please” and “Thank you.”)
  14. Positive outlook on life (Positive children succeed much more than negative children.)
  15. Mindset (Striving to do the right things in and out of school.)
  16. Focus and concentration (Your child will pay attention more in class, during conversations and while doing school work.)
  17. More energy directed at the right things
  18. Teamwork skills and how to get along well with others
  19. Self-respect and respect for others
  20. Eye contact (Kids who don’t look down at the ground and keep good eye contact with people don’t get bullied.)
  21. Courage (Your children will learn how to stand up for themselves, say “No” to drugs, and avoid bullies and peer pressure.)
  22. Mental toughness (Your child will learn how to be strong in the face of adversity.)
  23. Language skills (Your child will speak more clearly.)
  24. A head start in life by being a part of a “complete” martial arts and character development program
  25. Drive (Your child will be driven to be a good student in school and a fantastic kid outside of school.)
  26. Potential (Your child will develop his/her own unique potential and learn how to maximize it.)
  27. Mental skills and physical skills that carry over at home, in school, and throughout their entire lives
  28. Personal achievement (Our program focuses a lot on personal achievement so each child can get the most out of the program for themselves.)
  29. Character building (Your child will build character, not just learn how to punch and kick.)
  30. Physical strength (Your child will get stronger and build functional, healthy, sport-specific strength.)
  31. Peer pressure resistance (Your child will be able to resist peer pressure, bullies and other negative aspects of life.)
  32. Conditioning (Your child will get in better shape, look better and feel like a million bucks.)
  33. Life enjoyment (Your child will have the mental and physical tools to enjoy life more.)
  34. Self-Satisfaction (Your child will feel good about being a good person and doing the right things all the time.)
  35. Positive, encouraging instructors who know how to teach and develop children
  36. Leadership skills (Your child will be a leader, not a follower.)
  37. Motivation (Your child will get motivated to be a productive member of society.)
  38. Role Model (Your child will be work toward becoming someone for others to look up to.)
  39. Admiration (Your child will become a child that other parents will be impressed with.)
  40. Memory (Your child will remember more in school and retain more of what’s learned in class.)
  41. Balance (Your children will improve their balance which will help them enjoy more physical activity.)
  42. Fitness (Your children will improve their current fitness level which will make them healthier kids.)
  43. Fun (Your child will be a part of an educational program that makes learning fun.)
  44. Life skills (Your child will learn valuable skills that last an entire lifetime.)
  45. Better grades (Your children will get better grades because they feel better about themselves and will want to work harder to succeed in the classroom.)
  46. Physical agility (Your child will develop incredible physical agility at a young age.)
  47. Habit of success (Your child will learn how to make success become a habit.)
  48. Goal-setting (Your child with learn how to set goals and work toward achieving them.)
  49. Responsibilty (Your children will learn how to take responsibility for their own actions.)
  50. Total athletic development (Your child will get increased strength, speed and agility along with mental toughness and fortitude.)
  51. Anger management (Your child will learn how to better deal with anger and disappointment.)
  52. Social skills (Your child will learn conflict resolution skills that help with social interactions.)
  53. Self control (Your children will be able to focus their energy in a positive and productive manner.)
  54. Self-defense (Your child will learn real-life, proven self defense skills.)
  55. Personal attention (Your child will receive quality instruction and personal attention even class.)
  56. Quality instruction (Your child will get to work with highly trained instructors who are committed to excellence in all areas.)
  57. Structure (Your chill will be in a structured environment and loving family atmosphere that promotes good behavior and success; many of our happily-involved parents consider our academy to be a “safe haven” for their children.)
  58. Communication skills (Your child will learn better communication skills and social skills.)
  59. Meaning (Your children will discover that they are important and their lives have meaning.)
  60. Better behavior (Your child will develop better behavior in all areas.)

Come see for yourself what an amazing job we can do for you and your child.